Famous People from Colchester

There's actually a surprising number of people who came from or who have strong links with Colchester who have made their mark in History.

Damon Albarn - Lead Singer from Blur and creater of Rock Band Gorillaz.  Former pupil of Stanway School

Paul Allender - Lead Guitarist of Cradle of Filth was born in Colchester.

Boudica (Boadicea) - Queen of the Iceni virtually destroyed Roman Colchester in AD60

Allister Carter - Professional Snooker Player

Graham Coxon - Former Blur Guitarist and Pupil of Stanway School.

John Constable - The Landscape Painter was born in East Bergholt and famous for his landscape paintings of Dedham Vale

Darren Day - Actor and West End Star who attended Sir Charles Lucas School

Cunobelin (Shakespeare's Cymbeline) - King of Britons 9AD - 40AD.  His coins have been found locally and are displayed at Colchester Castle Museum.  He is also the subject of a Shakespeare play.

William Gilberd - Chief Physician to Elizabeth I and pioneer in the field of Magnetism

John Grant - Author of Lovejoy Stories set just outside Colchester

Joan Hickson - Played Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and died in Colchester in 1998

Matthew Hopkins - Witchfinder General during the time of the English Civil War lived in Manningtree

Jay Kay - Jamiroquai frontman and former pupil of Holmwood House Preparatory School

Bernard Mason - Prominent Colchester Businessman, Philanthropist and Clock Collector.  His former home, Tymperleys (also the former home of William Gilberd), now a museum houses his collection.

Dermot O'Leary - Television Presenter, born in Colchester and attendeed Colchester 6th Form College

Dave Rowntree - Drummer with Blur

Jeremy Spake - Appeared in fly-on-the-wall documentary Airport is from Great Bentley.

Jane and Anne Taylor - Authors and Poets who wrote the lyrics to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

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